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The breeding kennel BritishLabradors.com was founded in 1987 by Dennis and Janice Anderson. The kennel's original name, changed in 2000, was Queensland International Gundog Kennel.

The kennel is located about one-half hour east of St. Paul, Minnesota, in the scenic St. Croix River Valley. The address is 160 156th Ave, Houlton, Wis. 54082 U.S.A. The phone number is 651-261-9769. The email address is info@britishlabradors.com.

Dennis, outdoor columnist of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has been involved with retrieving dogs most of his life. Born in North Dakota, in the heart of the nation's best waterfowl region, he grew up around his father's Labradors.

Janice holds college degrees in animal and equine science and computer science and is equally comfortable around horses, dogs and computers. She is involved in all aspects of BritishLabradors.com.

The goal of BritishLabradors.com is to produce healthy, kind Labradors that are excellent family pets and which excel in upland and water work. Health, temperament and intelligence are critical components of dogs chosen for breeding, as are athleticism, natural retrieving ability, a soft mouth and, especially, a willingness to please.

All of the kennel's breeding and imported stock are from top British field-trial lines, and in that respect represent the best the United Kingdom offers. Many of the kennel's offspring have competed and excelled in AKC and other hunt tests. Some compete in American field trials or are trained as service dogs.

Britishlabradors.com owns all of its own breeding stock. In certain instances, partnerships will be entered into with customers of the kennel in which breeding rights are shared and litters owned, whelped, sold and guaranteed by BritishLabradors.com. In all instances, only dogs imported by the kennel or produced from imported dogs are used by BritishLabradors.com for breeding.

Our business management plan takes into consideration that each of our breeding dogs deserve a family and a home, thus all of our breeding females and some of our sires that we import from the United Kingdom are placed in homes among clients from the Mpls/St. Paul metro area. In this way the dogs have a family who loves them, hunts them, and does justice to them as a pet and hunting companion. The females return to us during their heat cycles and again when they are due to whelp until weaned from the puppies. We produce only two litters from each of our females and then they are spayed and live with their host families permanently. In addition to our sires at our kennel, we also use FTCH sires in the United Kingdom. Often, when we purchase a breeding female from the U.K., we may leave her in the U.K. until she comes into heat, breed her to a FTCH sire in the U.K., and then import her pregnant to our kennel. We also have frozen semen of some of our best foundation stock sires that are retired or deceased. During any visit to our kennel there will typically be less than 6 - 10 adult dogs at any given time on our property, in addition to one or more litters of puppies.

All puppies sold by BritishLabradors.com are covered by a written health guarantee and a one-year unconditional money-back guarantee. Additionally, puppies are sold only by AKC Limited Registration.

BritishLabradors.com does not stud any of its males to outside bitches.

Though yellow is a popular color today among retriever owners, particularly among women, all breeding decisions are made irrespective of color: Only dogs and bitches that meet the kennel's requirements are selected for breeding.

There are few chocolate Labradors among the better British field lines and therefore none of our sires or dams carry the recessive chocolate gene.

BritishLabradors.com also imports fully trained Labradors from the United Kingdom for customers on an order basis. These dogs are obedience-trained and trained to whistle and hand signals. They are typically 18 month to 2 1/2 years of age and are finished retrievers.

Trained springer spaniels also are imported. President George Bush Sr. is among customers for whom BritishLabradors.com has imported springers.

To secure its British Labradors, the Andersons travel frequently to England, Scotland and Ireland. Each year they also host at their home some of Great Britain's top retriever experts.

During these exchanges over 26 years, the Andersons have grown to understand and appreciate British retriever training methods. Similarly, their British friends have come to know the needs and desires of American Labrador owners.

Both understandings have contributed to success by BritishLabradors.com in producing and selling animals that are a joy to live with and hunt over.


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