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  Reserving a Puppy  
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Cost/Deposit Requirement

A reservation is required as puppies are spoken for well in advance of their conception. For these reasons, BritishLabradors.com suggests customers plan ahead. An up-to-date breeding list of all matings for the current year is available on the Breedings/Litters page. Please call us for availability.

Price of a puppy is $2500. Prices are the same for male or female puppies and puppies of either color (black or yellow), which includes access to BritishRetrieverTraining.com, our internet-based training program. Why are our puppies more expensive and require such a long waiting period? Because we spend more time, energy, and expense to 1) import only the best and healthiest of the british field stock, 2) produce healthy and genetically defect free puppies using all available DNA genetic tests for abnormalities, 3) we guarantee our dogs and stand behind our dogs with the best health guarantee in the business and, 4) we produce dogs who are great in the field and have excellent temperaments as a family companion in your home. 
Still undecided? Talk to our existing customers, some on their 3rd, even 4th, generation dog from us and find out why the wait and expense is worth it. Call or e-mail for references in your state.

A $500 deposit is required to place a prospective owner's name on the reservation list. Deposits are non-refundable.  We have four reservation lists: 1) Black Male, 2) Black Female, 3) Yellow Male and 4) Yellow Female. After you've placed a deposit we will e-mail you a confirmation letter indicating the number of your reservation on the list(s). When a puppy comes available, we will call you so that you can make a decision as to whether you will take a puppy from the litter offered or will be waiting for a future litter. As each litter is born, reservations taking from the litter will be removed from the list(s) and your name will float toward the top of the list(s).

If circumstances arise that you decide to put off accepting a puppy for some time, we will lock your reservation in at the going price of a puppy when your reservation was made for a maximum of two years so that you are not affected by any price increases. After two years, your puppy price will increase to the current rate.

Call us at 715-781-6214 to reserve a puppy.
This allows us to get to know each other and we can take down important information which will help us determine the best combinations of sires and dams to steer you toward to produce a puppy most suited to your needs and lifestyle

Shipping costs are extra, if required. All puppies are shipped counter-to-counter from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). We typically use Delta, American Airlines and Continental counter-to-counter service based on the most expedient carrier. We prefer to ship the puppies on the shortest non-stop flights if possible. We will NOT ship our puppies cargo! Shipping costs from Minneapolis-St. Paul to destinations in the U.S. for a puppy traveling counter to counter service is ~$415 (rates subject to change by airlines). Crates required for shipping cost $55. A veterinary health certificate, required for shipping, is $25. Total shipping costs ~$495.

BritishLabradors.com regularly ships puppies without incident and is confident in the process.

Payment or deposits can be made with the following credit cards. Just call us at (715) 781-6214.

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