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Trained Labradors

Britishlabradors.com imports fully trained Labradors from England on an order basis.

The typical animal imported is a black male 2 to 3 years of age. Females are more difficult to acquire, particularly yellow females. Yellow males are somewhat more available.

Dogs that are imported have passed various veterinary examinations prior to departure from England. Their eyes and hips have been examined and declared free of genetic defects.

Imported Labradors are obedience trained, meaning they sit, stay, come and heel. They are also trained to hand and whistle signals.

In most instances, they have at least one season of experience in the field. Typically, that would mean the animal has retrieved between 200 and 800 birds, rabbits and hares.

Imported Labradors are secured from throughout Great Britain by an agent of britishlabradors.com. Over a period of weeks prior to importation, the animal is thoroughly tested for temperament, obedience, kennel manners and field skills.

The dog or bitch is then shipped from London to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, from which it is transported to the britishlabradors.com kennel, where it is again examined by a veterinarian and allowed to acclimate.

In most instances, the dog or bitch is shipped to its new owner within a week of its arrival at the kennel. A DVD demonstrating how the dog is to be handled accompanies the dog. In some cases, owners of imported animals pick up their dogs themselves. In other cases, the dog or bitch is personally delivered by a kennel representative.

Imported dogs also can be excellent upland hunters when used as flushers. But because retrievers in England are not allowed to work ahead of the gun, the imported dog, upon arrival in the U.S., must be encouraged to leave the heel and move forward, looking for birds. This is usually easily accomplished.

People who purchase fully trained Labradors (or springers) from britishlabradors.com usually do so because they either don't have time, or the will, to raise a puppy.

Additionally, they realize it is very difficult in the U.S. to have a retriever trained in the same way they are trained in England, where the electric collar is all but banned.

As a result, animals that reach adult status in England and that are fully trained are by their natures willing learners, keen not only for the scent of game, but to satisfy their handlers. This is a potent combination, and one reason many britishlabradors.com customers have imported not one or two hunting companions, but three or more.

As is the case with puppies produced by britishlabradors.com, animals imported by the kennel are sold on a limited registration basis, meaning no offspring of theirs can be registered by the AKC.

This policy ensures the animals will not be bred indiscriminately.


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