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Trained Springers

Britishlabradors.com imports trained springer spaniels from England on an order basis. These animals are obedience trained, steady to wing and shot and trained to whistle and hand signals.

Most have at least one season of experience in the field.

The advantages of a springer imported by britishlabradors.com are similar to those of an imported Labrador. Temperaments of springers imported from England are universally kind, and for that reason these animals make excellent companions and family pets, as well as superb hunters.

The average springer from England is somewhat smaller than his or her American counterpart. Size can range from 35 to 45 pounds, with perhaps slight upward variations on the high side.

Springers imported by britishlabradors.com are trained to quarter ahead of the gun, seeking out game. Upon flush of a bird (or rabbit or hare), the animal will immediately sit or in some cases lie down. If the game is shot, the springer will, upon command, make the retrieve.

If the bird is shot and the handler elects not to have it immediately retrieved, the springer can be given the command, "gone away," and cast in another direction.

A similar command is issued if the shot is missed, essentially ordering the springer to continue his or her hunt.

Springers bred and trained in England must be extremely kind and obedient. A primary function of theirs in the shooting field is to accompany their masters while "beating,'' or walking, with other handlers and springers, through a wood, pushing game, particularly pheasants, ahead.

On the far side of the wood, guns and their Labradors await the coming of the beaters and the birds. When the birds reach the end of the wood, they lift up and fly over the guns, commencing the driven shoot.

Extreme discipline is required of the springers because of the hundreds, even thousands, of birds and heavy bird scent they encounter. If they were to push ahead of their handlers too far, frightening the birds, the pheasants might fly prematurely and fly not over the guns but back over the beaters, spoiling the shoot.

BritishLabradors.com has imported springers for many people and for many uses. President and Mrs. George Bush are among customers of britishlabradors.com who have imported springer spaniels.

Prospective customers interested in importing a springer are urged to email, write or phone the kennel. About two months are needed to secure a dog or bitch.


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